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The exciting thing about our baked goods is that it is up to you to mix and match what flavours(cream, icing, cake mix) you want in your very own customized cookie or cupcake! Just place your personalized order and we'll do our best to transform it into your dream treat!

All made using no preservatives or shortening!

*margarine free, using only unbleached flour and pure New Zealand butter and low sugar/fat products

Bon Appetit :)

The following pricing is NOT INCLUSIVE of the delivery fee( for delivery fee range please check left sidebar ;)

Sandwich Cookies!
(Most Popular)
These gratifying cuties will leave your tongue lingering long after you've indulged in these cookie muffin buns and deee-licious cream! 

Cookie flavour: Roasted chocolate OR Butter
Cream filling: Cream cheese OR vanilla cream icing

Medium box: RM 35
  • 10 sandwiches(2 cookie muffin buns per ''cookie")
Large box: RM 62 
  • 20 sandwiches (2 cookie muffin buns per ''cookie")


Our cookies are undoubtedly one of our most toothsome treats. 

Flavours available: vanilla,chocolate chip,almond, pecan, peanut butter, buttermilk, Nutella(+RM5), Mars(+RM5), Snickers(+RM5), Reese's Buttercups(+RM5), M&Ms,butter,lemon,Oreo(+RM5)


Petite box: RM 15
  • 5 large cookies
Medium box: RM 25
  • 250 grams per box (large cookies)
Large box: RM 40
  • 500 grams per box (large cookies)

Click here to see pictures of our cookies!

 Cream Cookies!
Tasty cream cheese squished between two chunky pieces of cookie...mmm... bet you're already salivating! 

Cream flavours: cheese, chocolate,vanilla,peanut butter
Cookie flavours: chocolate, vanilla

Medium box: RM 35
  • 10 cookie pairs (2 cookie muffin buns per ''cookie")
  • Standard size( between 2 cm and 3 cm)
Large box: RM 62 
  • 20 cookie pairs (2 cookie muffin buns per ''cookie")
  • Standard size(between 2 cm and 3cm)


    *Drum rolls* Rich chocolatey brownies! 


    Petite box: RM 25
    • 6 slices
    Medium box:  RM 42
      • 12 slices
       Whole Brownie:  RM 65

      • 24 slices

      *Almonds or pecans can be added

      Oreos of different cream colours and flavours!
       Yes! Yes! Finally! What you've always been dreaming about since you first saw Oreos! 

      Flavours: Lime, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, Peanut Butter
      Colours: Assorted, purple, green, pink, blue,yellow
      * for this treat we can only make or deliver it if the total purchase is at least RM 30 or more.

      Medium box: RM 7 
      • 10 cookies
      Large box:RM 14 
      • 20 cookies

      Oreo Truffles!
      Oreo Truffles: a scrumptious mesh of Oreo goodness within more chocolatey goodness!

      Medium box: RM 25
      • 10 truffles
      Large box:RM 40
      • 20 truffles 


      Precious little fluffy cakes stuffed into wee little cups that are sure to tickle your gastronomical and visual fancies!

      Flavours: Oreo, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon Zest, Butterscotch, Good ole butter, Vanilla, chocolate


      Petite box: RM 18
      • 5 cupcakes
      • Standard size

      Medium box: RM 32
      • 10 cupcakes
      • Standard size
      Large box: RM 57 
      • 20 cupcakes
      • Standard size

      Ice Cream Cupcakes!
      These aren't real ice cream...But its even better they're ice cream cones that NEVER melt because you can take however long you want to finish, be it taking your own sweet time reading a favourite book or while sitting under the sun enjoying nature! Why?! And how?
      Because they're made of cupcakes!

      Petite box: RM 30
      • 5 cupcake cones(consisting of 3 mini cupcakes stacked on top of each other to form the "cream")

      Medium box: RM 52
      • 10 cupcake cones
      Large box: RM 92
      • 20 cupcake cones
      Click here to see pictures of our Ice Cream Cone cupcakes!

      Cake Pops!
      Miniature cake balls rolled into little pops dipped in divine hot chocolate cream sauce! Mmmmm....

      Cake flavour: Vanilla, Strawberry OR double chocolate( for chocolate fans)

      Medium box: RM 15
      • 10 cake pops
      Large box: RM 30 
      • 20 cake pops

      Ravishing specimens of creamy, delectable mounds of these fluffy taste bud teasers!
      Classic strawberry with whipped cream cake!
      With fresh strawberries and strawberry frosting!


      Half kilo: RM 64

      One kilo: RM 95

      Click here to see pictures of our Strawberry cake!

      Devil's Chocolate Cake, Triple Threat


      Half kilo: RM 64

      One kilo: RM 90

       Rainbow Cake


      Half Kilo: RM 85
      One kilo(6 colours): RM 132

      Lemon Cake


      Half kilo: RM 55

      One kilo: RM 83

      Chocolate Indulgence
      Made of Peanut butter and rich chocolate frosting


      Half kilo: RM 65

      One kilo: RM 90

      The Kit Kat Cake!

      Our specialty, the quirky Kit Kat Cake, the delight of every kid inside of us ;)


      half kilo: RM 98

      one kilo: RM 137

      Click here to see pictures of our Kit Kat Cake! 

      *The pictures above are only intended for display purposes and we do not mean to infringe any copyright


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